Wednesday Sep 17 01:45am


wow can’t wait to get in a relationship and NOT post about it all over social media.
I swear half of this generation’s mindset never left middle school.

Wednesday Sep 17 01:20am

Sloppy as usuallllllll!

Sunday Sep 14 01:50pm


Hyperrealistic Mouth Paintings, Hubert De Lartigue 

Friday Sep 12 11:02pm
Where are you?

The day I find someone that will go on night time spook walks w/ me (spontaneous swims too), that will teach me to build things, that’s okay w/ setting aside Sundays for being lazy every now & again, that won’t burn grilled pineapple, and that always let’s me sleep by the wall…… Is the day I stop needing anyone else in the world!

Friday Sep 12 09:17pm
I feel so pale ❄️

I feel so pale ❄️

Friday Sep 12 07:21pm

Friday Sep 12 03:58pm


21-year-old student and photographer Cristina Hoch captures powerfully expressive portraits of family and friends. With high contrast, low saturation, and cool tones, her compelling photos focus on the eyes of the subject, resulting in a piercing stare that not only expresses deep emotions, but also seems to peer right into the viewer’s soul

Friday Sep 12 03:52pm
Friday Sep 12 01:47am


Tim Burton received this handmade cake from his animation team and it’s basically the coolest shit ever.

Friday Sep 12 01:46am
Friday Sep 12 01:45am

Helena Almeida


Helena Almeida

Friday Sep 12 01:43am
I used to actually write on here….

I think I’ll try to start doing that again! Yeah?

Thursday Sep 11 08:47pm


Good day

Thursday Sep 11 07:33pm
Thursday Sep 11 07:33pm